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The used cars supplied through come from a number of European countries and mainly from leasing companies. And because the composition of the leasing market varies from country to country, our range is also extremely diversified. However, there is one important feature that you can always rely on: outstanding quality. All of our vehicles are thoroughly inspected by our own experts, even though end-of-contract cars from leasing companies are well maintained by definition. This huge choice created by combining a whole range of purchasing source enables you to locate the cars you are looking for quickly. And in this business, speed is very important. Our customers are assisted personally, preferably in their own language. We can help you in 15 languages.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our online car auctions feature used cars of every make, from leading companies in Belgium, Germany, France and Italy. The cars that come from leasing companies are monitored very carefully during their service life in terms of maintenance, tyres and repairs. In the main, our stock is end-of-contract cars that are in good condition. You can view the specifications and description of each car featured on our system. Our experts also produce a detailed damage report for each car, as well as a series of photos of the interior and exterior of the car. That means you can always take a decision based on accurate information. To access the auction section of the website, you must go through a simple registration process via the registration page. Registration is FREE OF CHARGE.

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